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Selenus is Apothecary to the Ultramarines' 4th Company as of late M41.


This page contains spoilers for: Ultramarines (Novel Series)

The long-serving Apothecary to the 4th Company, Selenus accompanied Captain Uriel Ventris on several of his early missions, including the battles on Pavonis and Tarsis Ultra.[1][2]

In the aftermath of the devastating action on Tarsis Ultra, and Captain Ventris's banishment from the chapter, Selenus, along with Chaplain Judd Clausel, assisted Acting-Captain Learchus Abantes in screening the Company's new recruits and rebuilding the company's numbers.[3a] Selenus also accompanied the 4th Company on its reconnaissance mission to Espandor, where he was instrumental in retrieving the geneseed of Ultramarines who had fallen on the frigate Guilliman's Honour, before their remains could be ravaged by Orks.[3b]

After Ventris's reinstatement to the 4th Company, Selenus also fought alongside him during the Company's second deployment to Pavonis.[4]

During the Invasion of Ultramar, Ventris appointed Selenus to his newly-formed Command Squad, the "Swords of Calth". Ventris reflected that, although his medical skills were great, Selenus was first and foremost a warrior, and his knowledge of the physiology of all species made him that much more devastating in combat.[5a]

Selenus survived the desperate fight in the catacombs of Calth against the Iron Warriors Warsmith Honsou, and carried out Shadow Captain Aethon Shaan's request to extract the geneseed of Ardaric Vaanes, a renegade Raven Guard who had nonetheless sided with the Ultramarines during the final battle.[5b]