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Selvian Dragoons

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Basic Data
- Selvian Dragoons -
Regiment Name: Selvian Dragoons
Specialities: Armoured Warfare

The Selvian Dragoons are Regiments of the Imperial Guard.

Battle Style

The Selvian Dragoons utilize a large number of tanks, armoured transports and other vehicles, and at least one of their regiments were known to possess several mighty Baneblades. Their vehicles are all painted bone white and kept scrupulously clean, with pennants drooping from comms antennae. Each tanks bears its commanders heraldry on a shield attached to the turret, resembling forts. Their soldiers are known to utilise bayonets for close quarters fighting, often being unloaded from in force Chimeras once their tanks have broken through the enemy. Officers of the Selvian Dragoons are noted for wearing feathered caps to signify rank.[1]

Notable Campaigns & Engagements

  • 926.M41 - The Dulma'lin Cleansing. After the Mining world of Dulma'lin was conquered by the Ork hordes of Warboss Killzkar, the Selvian Dragoons were tasked by General Greiss with providing the main invasion force. They were to make their way to the vast gates of the now overrun capitol, where the Catachan II Regiment - having sabotaged the Ork defences - would open them. Unfortunately the Dragoons were ambushed by an Ork army en route to the capital, and were virtually destroyed. The few survivors were then ordered to evacuate the planet.[1]

Notable Selvian Dragoons

  • Richello - Colonel. Known for riding into battle atop his own personal Leman Russ, sword in the air, Colonel Richello was noted as being particularly "Keen" by Colonel Straken of the Catachan II. Richello was seriously injured during the ambush that saw his Dragoons wiped out, it is unknown whether or not he survived.[1]

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