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Marine Basic Data Warband Symbol
- Sensorians -
Origin: Emperor's Children[1]
Leader: Unknown
Chaos dedication: Slaanesh[1]
Colours: Unknown
Strength: Unknown
Base of operations: Unknown

The Sensorians are a newly created Emperor's Children Warband.[1]

While working with the Dark Mechanicum, in an attempt to pioneer Daemon Engines equipped with suites of sonic weaponry, the Warband learned of Forge World Agripinaa. The Imperium Forge World, was the ancestral enemies of the Dark Mechanicum and after hearing of the sombre Skitarii guarding Agripinaa, the Sensorians were appalled by the notion that the Skitarii voluntarily exchanged their flesh for cybernetic replacements. In response to this, the Warband launched a raid on Agripinaa and captured several maniples of their Skitarii by using Scrapcode, before the Sensorians escaped back into the Eye of Terror. Once there, the Sensorians began experimenting on the captured Skitarii, by cutting out their cybernetic parts and replacing them with fleshy equivalents taken from Mutants, from corpses, even from fallen Chaos Spawn, until barely an ounce of metal is left. The Fleshlings of Sensoria, as these corrupted Skitarii are now called, were driven mad by the process, but proved to be a potent asset in the Long War against the Imperium.[1]

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