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Sepus Prime

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Map Basic Data Planetary Image
Small cross.pngWestern Reaches
Name: Sepus Prime Unknown.jpg
Segmentum: Segmentum Pacificus
Sector: Western Reaches
System: Unknown
Population: Unknown
Affiliation: Unknown
Class: Dead World

Sepus Prime was an Imperial planet that was destroyed by Exterminatus after a Chaos insurrection led by its Governor Narbo.[1a]


In place of a sky, it seemed Sepus Prime wore a dirty, sodden cloth, stained the same feculent shade of dun as the mud below. It sagged low over the fly-clad marshes, bleeding a desolate rain, crushing the mounds of dead and billowing around a shame-faced sun.
- Description of Sepus Prime during the Chaos insurrection.

Sepus Prime had several continents.[2] Near the coastline were valleys with swamps and marshes inhabited by clouds of flies, and crook-backed trees. It was known to have low brown and yellow rainclouds that partially blocked the planet's pallid sun. The planet was described by Lieutanant Sorov as "rancid".[1a]


Before the Chaos insurrection, various factions of insurrectionists fought amongst themselves, each thinking they should be in control. At some point, Governor Narbo turned to Chaos and united the insurrectionists into an army, by executing any who opposed him. The Imperial Guard under Commander Ortegal fought against the insurrection using trench warfare, but the insurrectionists managed to take almost the entire coastline.[1a]

Lieutenant Sorov managed to get a man to infiltrate Narbo's inner circle as the Governor's pilot. This pilot, Gorny, gave Sorov details of Narbo's planned movements, and Sorov planned to ambush Narbo to kill him, and cause the insurrection to fragment.[1a]

The Imperial Guard pushed to take the civitate, with promises of reinforcements. Before Sanctioned Psyker Glutt's detail got as far as Tadmor Ridge, all except Glutt were killed, and no reinforcements were sent. During this time the insurrectionists also used chemical weapons to kill Imperial Guard troops. Another force led by Sergeant Kapek reached Tadmor Ridge, where they were pinned down by insurrectionists using Lascannons. Aerial strikes were called in to knock out the Lascannons, but the strikes were unsuccessful, and Kapek's troops took heavier casualties than expected.[1a]

Sorov's unit moved into position on the route that Narbo's Aquila Lander shuttle was to planned to take towards Tadmor Ridge, and used a Rocket Launcher to down it. Narbo survived the wreckage, and turned into a Chaos Spawn, which killed all of Sorov's unit except for Sorov, his Vox-officer Federak, and Glutt, who had come across Sorov's unit while returning to the barracks. Glutt managed to destroy the Spawn.[1a]

Despite killing the Governor, the planet was redesignated Contaminated due to reports of a plague of mutations, and Commander Ortegal ordered the planet to be bombarded with Virus Bombs from orbit.[1a] They carpet bombed the planet, killing everyone including the Imperial Guard regiments stationed there.[2] Only Glutt managed to survive, using his psychic powers to become one with the explosions.[1a]

Known Locations

  • The civitate — a settlement that the Imperial Guard attempted to take during the Chaos insurrection[1a]
  • Barracks — Imperial Guard barracks of Lieutenant Sorov's regiment[1a]
  • Tadmor Ridge — on the front lines during the Chaos insurrection, between the Imperial Guard barracks and the civitate[1a]

Notable Inhabitants