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This page contains spoilers for: The Lion: Son of the Forest (Novel)

Seraphax is a Fallen Angel and Sorcerer Lord who leads the warband known as the Ten Thousand Eyes.[2a] He is said to be a formidable warrior who used Warp-based powers and his own super-human charisma to lead a brutal uprising against the rightful rulers of the Imperium world Bast and afterwards installed himself as its Governor Lord.[1]

A hundred years have passed since his rule began and Seraphax has become a figure of terror and mayhem for the people of Bast. However, the Imperium has finally learned what has befallen the world and once word of Seraphax's name reached the Dark Angels Chapter, they dispatched a strike force led by Interrogator-Chaplain Razyl to capture the Fallen Angel. As the strike force began its invasion of Bast, Seraphax fled the world in order to avoid being brought back to The Rock in chains.[1]

After the formation of the Great Rift, Seraphax, his lieutenants Markog and Baelor, and his Ten Thousand Eyes grew their petty empire to encompass multiple worlds. This included Camarth, the world that Lion El'Jonson first manifested upon following his return to the Imperium.[2a] Instead of fear or apprehension at the Lion's return, Seraphax saw the emergence of the Primarch as a chance to carry out his ultimate plan.[2b]

Luring the Lion to the world of Sable, Seraphax was able to ensnare the Primarch in sorcerous chains. He revealed that he intended to remove El'Jonson's soul from his body and take command of his corpse as a puppet. Gaining an audience with the Emperor, Seraphax would use the Lion's puppeted body to strike down his father upon the Golden Throne and elevate him to a god-like Warp Entity. Continuing to insist he worked for the betterment of mankind, Seraphax believed the newly ascended Emperor would destroy both the Chaos Gods and all Xenos.[2c] However, the Lion was able to resist Seraphax's ritual long enough for The Risen to arrive and disrupt his plan. During the fighting, Seraphax transformed into a monstrous form and battled the Lion until his lieutenant Baelor stabbed him in the back.[2d]