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Fourth Master Seraphus

Seraphus was the Master of the Dark Angels' Fourth Company, who commanded a Lion's Blade strike force sent to secure the Calaphrax Cluster.[1a]


Seraphus was charged by Supreme Grand Master Azrael to lead a Lion's Blade strike force to the Calaphrax Cluster, a region that had been cut off by warp-storms for ten millennia, in order to ensure the secret of the Fallen was preserved. The strike force consisted of his own Fourth Company, elements of the Deathwing and Ravenwing[1c], and Interrogator-Chaplain Altheous, who departed to ascertain the loyalty of the Knight World Tintaroth.[1a]

Initially deploying a single squad under Sergeant Kalidius on a reconnaissance mission,[1b] he deployed the full strike force via an orbital drop after the Iron Warriors launched an asteroid into the hive, engaging the Chaos Space Marines in the Second Battle of Exyrion.[1c] He survived the battle, but feared the gene-seed of the fallen could not be recovered.[2a]

Sending Altheous after a Thunderhawk seen leaving Exyrion, Seraphus took the majority of the strike force to Quintus to investigate reports of a xenos fleet.[2a] When the Harlequins activated the fallen Craftworld Theminarae and awoke the Necron tomb below, Seraphus ordered Techmarine Larathiel to attempt to overload the Craftworld's engines and destroy it while he led the Dark Angels in the Battle of Quintus against both xenos forces.[2c]


Master Seraphus wears Mark VII Power Armour. He wields a large Power Sword and a Bolt Pistol.[2b]