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Serberys Raider

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Serberys Raiders[1]

Serberys Raiders are Skitarii who ride cyber-beasts to battle.[1]


For a Skitarii to be promoted to the maniples of the Serberys corps is a great honour. Riding swift mechanical constructs whose razor-clawed limbs allow them to manoeuvre easily over shattered terrain, riders are mag-locked into gyro-stabilized positions to ensure stability in combat.[3a]

Serberys Raiders are long-range scouts and outriders who excel at outflanking the enemy and picking off unprotected assets. Advanced ocular arrays implanted into the riders' skulls are noospherically linked with their mounts, ensuring maximum accuracy, while olfactory sensors and a suite of augury equipment makes them effective trackers.[3a]

Serberys Raiders wield a variety of weaponry including Archeo-Revolver, Galvanic Carbines, and Power Swords while their mounts are equipped with clawed limbs.[3b]

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