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Serghar Targost

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Serghar Targost[5]

Serghar Targost was the Captain of the 7th Company of the Luna Wolves Space Marine Legion, as well as the lodge-master of the warrior-lodge that existed within the legion. He was blunt in appearance, with a scarred forehead.[1b]


Targost commissioned the mold for the lodge medallions from a remembrancer silversmith assigned to the Vengeful Spirit, whom he killed shortly afterward to preserve the secrecy of the lodges.[4] Targost believed passionately in the role of the warrior-lodge, stating that as genetic constructs employed singularly for war, the Astartes needed a way to form and express their bonds of brotherhood in a way that wasn't constrained by the pressures of duty.[1a] Targost operated as the voice of the lodge, regulating and organising the meetings.[1a] In his role of lodge-master, he was instrumental in the decision to place the wounded Horus into the care of the Serpent Lodge, thus ensuring Horus's damnation.[2]

As a senior officer of the Sons of Horus and one who saw things from the Warmaster's point of view, Targost co-commanded the initial Sons of Horus deployments against the loyalist marines upon Isstvan III.[3] During the battle on Dwell, Targhost suffered a catastrophic head injury that shattered his skull. Only the pressure of his helmet kept the ruination of his head together. The legion apothecaries managed to stitch his skull back together and he had plundered Salamanders drake-claws attached to the fasteners, giving him a far more terrifying appearance that precluded his ability to wear a helmet again. He led the ceremony that invested Ger Geraddon's brain-dead body with the daemon Tormageddon.[6a]

Targost died when Rama Karayan shot him through the head before he could invest Proximo Tarchon with a daemon in the bowels of the Vengeful Spirit. Moments after Targost's death, Samus possessed his body.[6b] He managed to kill Tubal Cayne before Tarchon destroyed Targost/Samus with his gladius.[6c]