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Sevastus Kranon

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Kranon the Relentless

Sevastus Kranon, also known as Kranon the Relentless, is the former Chapter Master of the Crimson Sabres and current Chaos Lord of the Crimson Slaughter Chaos Space Marines.


Kranon was known to be militant and brutal even in his service to the Emperor. Upon leading his warband into self-imposed exile in the Eye of Terror, Sevastus was corrupted by the powers of Chaos. Renaming himself Kranon the Relentless, he has driven himself to commit more and more bloody and vile acts in an attempt to silent the maddening voices that plague him, a result of a curse from Khorne.[2]

Kranon would later lead the Crimson Slaughter to Bane's Landing in search of the Hellfire Stone, an artefact that would supposedly end his curse although the voices denied that it was possible. During the battle he claimed the lives of several Dark Angels and took the Ravenwing Sergeant Arion prisoner for use in the ritual. However Arion's suicide thwarted his plan and he was forced to retreat.[3]

The Dark Angel Librarian Turmiel would predict that over the course of the next three years, Kranon would join forces with a much more powerful Chaos Lord and would be cornered on a moon in Tau space. The combined efforts of the Dark Angels and Space Wolves forced him into battle with Company Master Balthasar for the third time, having met and fought him twice before and escaped through teleporter both times. During the third confrontation, Kranon finally met his end, and his head was taken back to the Battle Barge Angel of Retribution by Balthasar in an iron box.[3] This has not yet come to pass, and somehow Kranon survived.

Following the Battle of Bane's Landing, Kranon would suspect that he, and his Chapter were being used by an unknown power. This power would turn out to be the Lord of Change, Tzax’lan-tar, who had been possessing the body of the former Chief Librarian Mannon. Kranon would pursue Mannon deep into the Eye of Terror, to a world called Mymidrax. There he would cut off the daemon's arm before it retreated yet again.[4]

Currently, he leads at the forefront of one of the many speartips of the 13th Black Crusade[4], most notably in the Diamor Campaign[5] and during the attack on Cadia.[6]


Kranon as Lord of the Crimson Slaughter[2]

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