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Sh'kira is a Shadowseer who once fought in the Wych Cult arenas of Commorragh, before she realized her psychic potential. Since she was unable to use her powers in the Dark City, Sh'kira joined the Masque of the Shattered Mirage to further her knowledge and skills, and after centuries of training attained the position of Shadowseer. Afterwards, she began gradually persuading the Shattered Mirage to her way of thinking and has now influenced their choices of Realspace raids. Sh'kira was also instrumental in brokering an agreement with Autarch Zephyrblade, that saw the Masque fight besides Eldar and Dark Eldar forces in the Scouring of Gnosis. During that battle she caused the death of the House Griffith Knight Herolus, when she used her psychic abilities to shatter his mind like brittle glass.[1]

Sh'kira is known to use a Neuro-disruptor, that was given as a gift to her by Aurelia Malys, Archon of the Kabal of the Poisoned Tongue.[1]