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Sha'kanthas is a Commander of the T'au Empire and served as the first tutor to the future Commander Farsight.[1]


As he taught Farsight, however, the young Fire Warrior's actions and words, disquieted Sha'kanthas. So much so, that he believed that Farsight would someday go against the Greater Good, and this led Sha'kanthas to repeatably report the Fire Warrior's behavior to his superiors. They ignored Sha'kanthas' concerns, though, and Farsight would go on to advance far in his military career. While he knew of Sha'kanthas concerns about him, Farsight and his former Tutor would put aside their differences during the Damocles Crusade. When the Imperium later invaded the Sept World Dal'yth, Sha'kanthas was among the Tau Empire's forces that fought under Farsight's command. It was Farsight in fact, who later gave Sha'kanthas his honour name Sha'ko'vash – Fire's Worthy Cause - shortly before he became a Monat as the battle raged. When they heard reports that the Scar Lords Chapter was attempting to attack the Tau Empire's High Command, Sha'kanthas was among the Farsight's forces sent to stop them. This led Sha'kanthas to clash with Chapter Master Durian and he nearly succeeded in killing the Space Marine, before Durian activated a Stasis grenade. The Stasis field then covered them, for what seemed like seconds, before it deactivated. Though, both realized they were not on the battlefield but instead a museum, the two continued their fight. Sha'kanthas for his part, thought, that Durian had teleported them elsewhere, which would explain why his Battlesuit's weapons no longer worked. It would also explain why he could no longer contact Farsight or anyone else, despite his repeated attempts to do so. These setbacks left Sha'kanthas at a severe disadvantage, however, and even with the aid of nearby Fire Warriors, none of the Tau could defeat Durian. The Chapter Master was able to kill any other Tau he came across, which forced Sha'kanthas to lure Durian after him.[1]

This chase was soon joined by a group of Fire Warrior cadets, who convinced the Commander to follow them into a section of the museum that contained more Battlesuits. The Tau Commander was then able to reach a Battlesuit before Durian could stop him and Sha'kanthas finally learned how much time had passed since the Stasis grenade was activated. To his dismay, the Damocles Crusade had ended long ago and they were now in the year 999.M41. Sha'kanthas' worst fears about Farsight had also come to pass, as the Commander was labelled a traitor for betraying the Greater Good and forming the Farsight Enclaves. Shortly after learning this, Farsight contacted Sha'kanthas's Battlesuit, after discovering his former tutor was trying to contact him on an old command channel. Farsight explained that he was nearby, taking part in the Prefectia Campaign, but Sha'kanthas interrupted him. Sha'kanthas bitterly exclaimed that his concerns about Farsight had been correct, but Farsight answered that he had abandoned the Tau Empire not the Greater Good. All this occurred, while Sha'kanthas fought Durian, and Farsight told his former tutor to use a feint on the Chapter Master, so that the Fire Warrior cadets could attack the Space Marine. Sha'kanthas refused to disgrace himself further by using Farsight's advice and instead continued fighting his own way. The Tau Commander then tried to get Durian to surrender by using Farsight's knowledge of the Scar Lords against the Chapter Master. The Commander told Durian that he was the last of the Scar Lords, as his Chapter had died out during their time in the Stasis field. Durian absorbed the news, but he refused to surrender. The Chapter Master answered he would fight until he died, as Durian believed that while the Tau Empire preached peace, he knew the Xenos would butcher Mankind if they had a chance to. The battle between the two then continued, but Durian turned away and killed a Fire Warrior cadet, when he attempted to aid Sha'kanthas by activating another Battlesuit. This led the Tau Commander to finally accept Farsight's advice and he made his Battlesuit leap into the air in order to attack Durian. As the Battlesuit descended, the Chapter Master blocked it with his shield, but the attack had merely been a feint. As his attention was on Sha'kanthas, the Fire Warrior cadet Kha'lithra was able to free a locked away pulse carbine and fired repeatedly at Durian. This severely wounded the Chapter Master and allowed Sha'kanthas to crush Durian's head with his Battlesuit's fists. In the aftermath of the battle, Sha'kanthas did not inform the Tau Empire of Farsight's involvement, but he vowed to soon visit the rebellious Commander's Enclaves.[1]



  • The character's name has also been given as Sha'kan'thas.[2]