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Sha'rell was a veteran Fire Warrior of the Tau Empire, when the Imperium invaded the Sept World Dal'yth, during the Damocles Crusade. In the war to save Dal'yth, Sha'rell would be among the Tau's forces that fought against the Imperium in the forests of Gel'bryn, which would earn him a promotion to Commander. Though the camo circuits of his XV8 Battlesuit were left damaged by that battle, he left it unrepaired as a badge of honour and his suit soon became a rallying point for the Tau's forces. The Commander then took part in what became known as the Battle of Blackthunder Mesa, where the Tau fought to save one of Dal'yth's training facilities from several columns of Imperial tanks. The battle went so poorly for the Tau however, that Commander Shadowsun gave the order to abandon the facility and refused to send out additional reinforcements or ammunition. Sha'rell was among the Tau's forces that refused to retreat, but things looked grim until he was approached by Commander Bravestorm.[1]

Bravestorm stated that with no chance of receiving more ammunition, they would need to engage in melee attacks if they were to change the course of the battle. He then convinced Sha'rell and their Crisis Teams, to use the few completed Onager Gauntlets they had, against the Imperial Tanks. Sha'rell readily agreed and their Crisis Teams destroyed many of the Imperial Tanks, as they continued their advance upon the training facility. However when a Baneblade killed two of their comrades, Sha'rell told the others to get clear and then used his Gauntlet to force his way inside the massive tank. Sha'rell then heroically sacrificed himself, by unleashing his twin flamers within the Baneblade and created such a large explosion, that three nearby Leman Russ Tanks were destroyed as well.[1]