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Shadow Wolves

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The Shadow Wolves are a Space Marine Chapter.[1a]

Marine Basic Data Chapter Symbol
- Shadow Wolves -
Founding Chapter: Possibly Imperial Fists[Note]
Founding: Unknown
Chapter Master: Unknown
Homeworld: Varadon[1a]
Fortress-Monastery: Unknown
Colours: Silver[1b] or possibly Dark Purple[Note]
Specialty: Unknown
Strength: Unknown[2]
Battle Cry: Unknown


They were thought to have been destroyed while fighting alongside the Black Templars, during a Tyranid invasion on their Homeworld, Varadon in 987.M41[1a]. However a strike force of the Shadow Wolves later came to the aid of Cadia, during the Thirteenth Black Crusade and joined the Imperial forces' efforts to retake the Chaos held Kasr Belloc[2]. It is not known, though, how many of the Shadow Wolves were able to escape Cadia's destruction, at the Despoiler's hands.[3]


The Black Library author, Aaron Dembski-Bowden, wrote the Shadow Wolves as a reference to loyalist Luna Wolves, as a gift to his wife who was a fan of the Luna Wolves.[4] On the forum Warseer, Aaron Dembski-Bowden stated that the Shadow Wolves were likely Imperial Fists descendants with dark purple armour. He went on to say that they have a large number of Mark VI Power Armour helmets and were both extremely Codex Astartes-compliant and extremely independent.[5]

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