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Shadowblight Campaign

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The Shadowblight Campaign took place in 187.M41.[1]


For almost a decade the gloom-shrouded worlds of the Shadowblight System have suffered the uncontested predation of Dark Eldar raiding bands. This cruel fate has been long concealed by a shield of flickering illusions thrown up by Commorrite mirrorbeacons. However, upon detecting this barrier of bewilderment and misdirection, a triumvirate of Blood Angels Librarians bend their formidable mental powers to break through.[1]

This they do, laying bare the miserable worlds beyond along with their surprised tormentors. Led by the trio of Librarians, an outraged force of Blood Angels descends to punish the arrogant xenos. The campaign that follows is bloody in the extreme, the fury of the Blood Angels pitted against the skill and contempt of the Commorrites. Casualties are high on both sides; the Dark Eldar possess the edge in speed and stealth, the Blood Angels in resilience and determination.[1]

Finally, after the destruction of Archon Sybralath’s Palace of Torments, the Dark Eldar lose their will to fight and retreat to the Webway in disgust. Victory belongs to the Blood Angels, and to the Shadowblight survivors they have liberated.[1]