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Shadowhunter Escort

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Shadowhunter Escort

The Shadowhunter Class Escort is a class of Eldar escort class vessel.


They are the smallest vessels used by Iyanden craftworld and are likely the smallest in the fleet. They often operate in vast numbers and sit close to the craftworld itself. They act as patrols vessels and also guide other vessels into the craftworld but can also operate at a distance from the craftworld which larger vessels would find dangerous when close defence is necessary.[1]

Shadowhunters have a very limited effective combat range due to this role. Everything is compact and miniaturised, including its Shadow Lance weaponry, making the ship highly manoeuvrable and can pursue enemies at such speeds that they find they cannot evade the Eldar fire.[1] During the Tyranid attack on Iyandan, the larger vessels would disperse the Tyranids in space and anything that made it to the craftworld was easy pickings for the Shadowhunters. Eventually however the sheer number of Tyranids overwhelming the Shadowhunters and they were forced to join the larger vessels in deeper space fighting counter-actions.[1]

Technical Specifications[3]

  • Dimensions: 0.8km long, 0.15km abeam
  • Mass: 3 megatonnes
  • Acceleration: 10 Gravities


Eldar Shadowhunter[2]


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