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Female Shadowseer in the heat of battle with Orks[5b]

Shadowseers are significant characters in Harlequins Troupes.[1]


Shadowseer are specialist psykers that belong to the Eldar race and are seen within the ranks of the Harlequins, with their abilities focusing particularly on skills relating to confusion as well as fear. Their presence adds to the potency of any performances by their kin as they release programmed hallucinations by way of their creidann grenade launcher backpacks. During masques, a Shadowseer serves the role of a storyteller and forming scintillating phantoms that dance and duel in the air. However, when called to battle, they are able to force visions of unholy terror on their foes or even remove the presence of the Harlequins from their minds completely.[1]

These Seers play the role of fate and fortune within their performances with it being said that they know the doom of all their companions - even for the Great Harlequin's themselves. These powerful psykers are known for their psychic abilities which are as great as those of a Farseer of the Craftworlds. Shadowseers, in terms of appearance, tend to wear masks like all Harlequins though theirs are uniquely blank and smooth. As such, it is claimed that those who see into their faces often see a different visage reflecting back at them which can either be their own face in a future or alternate time.[2]

Shadowseers are famously the only psykers permitted to openly travel within Commorragh, where, while distrusted, many of them have been found in the war councils of Archons, Succubi, and Haemonculi.[3]

Every Shadowseer carries a Miststave — a weapon that directs their mental forces to crush the enemy's armour, flesh, and bones. They are also frequently equipped with a Creidann Pack Grenade Launcher.[5a]

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