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Shai Arrian

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Shai Arrian was a Cadian Astra Militarum Marshal who defended the Fortress World, during the 13th Black Crusade.

However after Cadia suffered a death blow at the Despoiler's hands, Arrian was able to escape aboard the Claymore Class Corvette Lord-Lieutenant Berwicke with General Gruber, before the Fortress World was destroyed. When the Imperials later escaped from the Cadian System though, a Warp mishap separated the Berwicke and three other ships from the rest of the Imperial warships. They later found themselves in the Chaos invaded Agripinaa System[1a] and soon came under attack from the warships of the Sons of Malice[1b]. Only the Berwicke and the Venerable Warrior were able to escape, but the Sons of Malice pursued them and General Gruber knew they would not be able to outrun the Warband. As he was the ranking officer, Gruber ordered the Berwicke and Venerable Warrior to deploy the Cadians on Morten's Quay's ice mining moon, Faith's Anchorage and then do all they could to reach Terra and report Cadia's fate[1c]. However the ships were destroyed by the Sons of Malice, before they could escape the System and the Warband then invaded Faith's Anchorage[1d]. In the subsequent battle that followed, Arrian and the Cadians under General Gruber's command were overwhelmed by the Warband's sheer numbers and were mercilessly killed.[1e]