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Shaper Council

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The Shaper Council oversees the development of several Kindred at once, watching over the Shapers to make sure they don't evolve too far and be unable to undo the damage. Often, any genetic material seen at this level is likely to become part of the Kroot genetic makeup.[Needs Citation]

The Council is made up of 3 to 5 Shapers armed with Kroot rifles. They may take equipment from the Kroot Armoury and two Kroot Hounds may be taken per Shaper (up to a maximum of 10). They may be given the Hyperactive Nymune Organ but if they do not take the Hyperactice Nymune Organ or Kroot Hounds, they may be given wings. They must all have the same Signature Evolutionary Adaptations.[Needs Citation]


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