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Shard Weaponry

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Enoulian Warrior with a Shard Rifle slung across its back[1]
Shard Weaponry is a Xenos firearm commonly utilised by Enoulians. Possibly a relic of their lost civilisation, these weapons use small crystals as ammunition. When triggered, they force a powerful electrical current through the crystal, causing it to tear off small shards from sheering torsion pressure. Ejected at great velocities, the shards can rip open armour and tear into flesh with ease. The crystals can be interchangeably between shard weapon variants, reducing logistics demand and reload time.[1]


  • Shard Pistol: A single-shot, handheld variant that can fire twenty shards before requiring reload. It has an effective firing range of twenty metres.
  • Shard Rifle: A semi-automatic rifle equivalent, the weapon has an effective firing range of seventy metres, doubles the rifle's ammunition capacity and can inflict greater damage on its targets. However, it is heavier and more unwieldy than the pistol variant, requiring two hands to operate and takes substantially longer to reload.[1]