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Shark Assault Boat

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A Shark Assault Boat

The Shark Assault Boat is the Imperial Navy's standard Assault Boat. Typically 55 metres in length the Shark consists primarily of a large engine and an armoured troop compartment that is studded with magnetic clamps and Melta Charges. When the Shark reaches an enemy ship, the clamps latch on to the enemy hull as the charges, in concert with las-breachers, blast a hole through which assault troops can storm the vessel.[1] Consequently, nearly all patterns of the Shark carry only defensive weapons with most of the space within the hull dedicated to armour, engines, or carrying capacity.[3]

Tactically, Sharks are often accompanied by fighters to help the assault craft breach an enemy vessel's defences. To enable this tactic, the assault boats typically have engines capable of matching a starfighter's acceleration, although they are harder to maneuver.[3]

Sharks are rarely seen on anything smaller than a Battleship-sized carrier, and even then only at significant cost.[1][2] On rare occasions, even a Sword Class Frigate will carry a small complement of assault boats.[4]