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Shang (sometimes spelled as Sheng[1]) was a Lord Commander[3] of the Night Lords during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy.[1]

Serving as the Equerry of Primarch Konrad Curze, Shang was a close Confidant and aid of the Night Haunter. Unlike Sevatar he was genuinely loyal to Curze as opposed to his mission to rule through fear. Curze considered Shang one of his few sons that he did not hate, which is why he made him his equerry. However Curze did see Shang's devotion as a weakness that could be manipulated. During the destruction of Nostramo, Shang pleaded with Sevatar to try and halt Curze's rampage. Sevatar refused and condemned Shang as weak, but the Equerry in turn was the first Night Lord to point out that Curze was going mad.[3]

During the Thramas Crusade Shang accompanied his Primarch and Sevatar to the surface of Tsagualsa in the meeting with Dark Angels Primarch Lion El'Jonson and his own Honour Guard. In the subsequent fight between the two sides, Shang helped return the wounded Curze to safety after he helped kill the Dark Angels Captain Alajos.[1]

After the disappearance of Curze, Shang became emotionally broken but was determined to reforge the Legion and find their missing Primarch. However he became embroiled in a vicious power struggle with Gendor Skraivok. Shang maintained that the future of the Legion lay with reaving and finding Curze, while Skraivok wanted to rejoin Horus and push on Terra. Ultimately Shang attempted to dispose of Skraivok by locking him in the maze aboard the Nightfall. However thanks to his Daemon Weapon Skraivok was able to escape and easily slew Shang in a duel, gaining the supremacy of the Night Lords in the process.[2]