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Shield of Baal: Tempestus (Novella)

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the novel by Braden Campbell. For other uses of Tempestus, see Tempestus (disambiguation).
Shield of Baal: Tempestus
Tempestus (Novella) - cover.jpg
Author Braden Campbell
Publisher Black Library
Series Shield of Baal
Followed by Shield of Baal: Deathstorm
Released November 2014
Pages 95
Collected in The Great Devourer: The Leviathan Omnibus
Editions 2014
ISBN 9781782516682

Shield of Baal: Tempestus is a novella by Braden Campbell. It was published online in November 2014.

Cover Description

The deadly worlds of the Cryptus System, always beset by the gravitational and radioactive forces of their twin stars, have come under a new threat - the xenos might of the tyranids. A tendril of Hive Fleet Leviathan has reached the Cryptus shieldworlds. The Imperium musters its strength, for the aliens must be stopped here, as next in the hive fleet's path is the home world of the Blood Angels Space Marines, Baal itself. On the world of Lysios, as the valiant Adepta Sororitas defend the planet against the creatures of the Leviathan, a platoon of Tempestus Scions, the Imperium's elite storm troopers, are seconded to the service of the mysterious Inquisitor Ulrich to perform a dangerous - and vital - mission: to capture a unique tyranid bioform from the treacherous tidal swell of Lysios - even if it costs Tempestor Chavis and his men their lives.


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