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Ship Smasha

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The Ship Smasha is a small and sleek Ork naval warship.[1]


While most Greenskin warships rely on their gods, Gork and Mork, to guide them through the Warp, the Ship Smasha is vastly different. The Orks who command it, simply have to tell the warship where to go and it will use the Warp to get there. However the Greenskins, must be smart in order for the Ship Smasha to listen to them. Not Mekboy smart. Not Weirdboy smart. Real smart. Its not known how the Orks came to possess the Ship Smasha, as the Greenskins no longer remember nor do they care. To them, the warship has always been there.[1]

The Ship Smasha is currently commanded by the Freebooter Kaptin Grotmaz Smart. He is using it in his battle with the Black Templars Sword Brethren Augustin Riegerwald.[1]