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Shokkjump Dragsta

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Shokkjump Dragsta

Shokkjump Dragstas are Ork attack vehicles.[1]


The most popular type of transport amongst Mekboy Speed Freeks, the Shokkjump Dragsta is a formidably armored vehicle built tough enough to withstand high amounts of damage. The vehicle also boasts a suicidal capacity for acceleration in a straight line, while its Rokkit launchas gives it ample anti-vehicle capability. For close quarters combat, it is armed with axle-saws which are useful for scything the legs out under enemy infantry.[1]

Yet for all this, the thing that makes the Shokkjump Dragsta truly terrifying is its incorporation of Shokk-attack technology. Within its chassis is a Kustom Shokk Rifle. Augmented with a dedicated targeting Squig, this weapon kills whatever falls under its sights by a simple expedient opening of micro-Warp rifts inside the victim. This technology further augments the Dragsta with the amazing ability to open up a Warp tunnel directly in front of the vehicle, allowing him to teleport across the battlefield and bypass obstacles. Many apparently impenetrable fotresses have fallen to the sudden emergence of hurtling Shokkjump Dragstas within its wall. However, repeated use of this ability is known to make the drivers a bit "odd".[1]

Famous Shokkjump Dragsta Drivers