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Sholto Unwerth

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Sholto Unwerth is a shipmaster from the Angelus sub-sector.[Needs Citation]


Before his encounter with the Inquisition, Unwerth was one of many free traders in the Scarus Sector, carrying goods from planet to planet in his ship, the Arethusa.[Needs Citation]Inquisitor Gideon Ravenor recruited Unwerth to convey his team covertly back to Eustis Majoris, after narrowly escaping an assassination attempt by agents of the planetary government.[Needs Citation]

While waiting in orbit, Unwerth was captured by bounty hunter Lucius Worna, and tortured for information on Ravenor's whereabouts using a cisor. He surrendered what little knowledge he had very grudgingly, a fact which both impressed and pained Ravenor.[Needs Citation]

Imprisoned in a cell with Patience Kys, the two of them managed to escape, and Unwerth piloted a flyer on a near-suicidal course that, against the odds, allowed them to evade the warp-spawned creatures sent after them.[Needs Citation]

Unwerth also took part in the team's armed assault against the Sacristy where the government's conspirators, led by Ravenor's old quarry, Zygmunt Molotch, were preparing their final plans.[Needs Citation]

Given his surprising loyalty to the team, and his resilience, Ravenor allowed Unwerth to join them in their pursuit of Molotch, after they escaped the planet.[Needs Citation]


Master Unwerth is a short, stocky man, akin to a dwarf. He is usually dressed in a red bodysuit with metal plates attached.[Needs Citation]

He speaks an extremely convoluted form of High Gothic that, while comprehensible, is extremely grating on the nerves of Ravenor and others.[Needs Citation]


The name Unwerth probably is taken from an old spelling of the German word "unwert" which means unworthy, not worth something. As a matter of fact Sholto Unwerth seems to confirm the meaning of his name himself: "Unlike the name my old father straddled me with, I would like to be remembered as a man who had some worth."[1a]