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Sholto Unwerth

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Sholto Unwerth is a shipmaster from the Angelus sub-sector.


Before his encounter with the Inquisition, Unwerth was one of many free traders in the Scarus Sector, carrying goods from planet to planet in his ship, the Arethusa.

Inquisitor Gideon Ravenor recruited Unwerth to convey his team covertly back to Eustis Majoris, after narrowly escaping an assassination attempt by agents of the planetary government.

While waiting in orbit, Unwerth was captured by bounty hunters, and tortured for information on Ravenor's whereabouts. He surrendered what little knowledge he had very grudgingly, a fact which both impressed and pained Ravenor.

Imprisoned in a cell with Patience Kys, the two of them managed to escape, and Unwerth piloted a flyer on a near-suicidal course that, against the odds, allowed them to evade the warp-spawned creatures sent after them.

Unwerth also took part in the team's armed assault against the Sacristy where the government's conspirators, led by Ravenor's old quarry, Zygmunt Molotch, were preparing their final plans.

Given his surprising loyalty to the team, and his resilience, Ravenor allowed Unwerth to join them in their pursuit of Molotch, after they escaped the planet.


Master Unwerth is a short, stocky man, akin to a dwarf. He is usually dressed in a red bodysuit with metal plates attached.

He speaks an extremely convoluted form of High Gothic that, while comprehensible, is extremely grating on the nerves of Ravenor and others.