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Shrine of Guilliman

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the the Shrine of Roboute Guilliman. For other uses of Guilliman, see Guilliman (disambiguation).

The Shrine of Guilliman is one of the most holy places in the entire Imperium, one which welcomes millions of pilgrims every year, which was the resting place of the mortal remains of the Ultramarines' Primarch Roboute Guilliman. It lies within the Temple of Correction, a vaulted sepulchre forming a small part of the Ultramarines' vast northern polar fortress on Macragge.[1]

Within the Temple of Correction is the great marble throne of Roboute Guilliman, and upon that throne sits a regal corpse. Though the best part of ten thousand years have passed since his death, the Primarch's body is perfectly preserved. Even his death wounds are visible upon his throat. His mortal remains are preserved from the ravages of time by means of a Stasis field that isolates the Primarch from the time-stream. Everything encompassed by the field is trapped in time and can neither change nor decay.[1]

There are some, however, who claim the Primarch's wounds do change. They say that Guilliman's body is slowly recovering and that his wounds show mysterious signs of healing. Others deny the phenomena, and point out the sheer impossibility of change within the Stasis field. Yet enough believe the stories to come and witness for themselves the miracle of the Primarch.[1]

During the Ultramar Campaign the Shrine of Guilliman was badly damaged during the Black Legion assault, during which Guilliman was subsequently restored back to life with the help of Belisarius Cawl and Yvraine, the Emissary of Ynnead .[2]