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Shriven (Warband)

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Chaos Space Marine Warband; for the Chaos Cult, see Shriven (Chaos Cult).
ShrivenvsCustodes.jpg Unknown.jpg
Origin: Brazen Drakes Space Marine Chapter[4]
Leader: Argento Corian[4]
Base of operations: Dessah (now lost)[5c]
Chaos Dedication: Unknown
Strength: Largely destroyed[5c]

The Shriven are a Black Legion Warband, that was once the Brazen Drakes Chapter, before they fell to Heresy[4].


Brazen Drakes

Their downfall began, in the wake of the Great Rift's creation[1], when the Chapter was stricken with the sudden emergence of psychic powers within its ranks. Their Chapter Master, Argento Corian, knew that the High Lords would label the Brazen Drakes as Heretics should they learn of this, and so began personally killing each stricken Battle Brother. This took a toll on Corian, though, and when the stricken Battle Brother Kier was brought before him, the Chapter Master finally refused to carry out anymore executions. He told his inner circle they had bled enough for the Imperium and if they were to be condemned for the emergence of psychic powers, which he had no doubt would afflicted all of them in time, then Corian was determined that the Chapter would fight only for itself from now on. And those of their Chapter who refused to turn their back on the Imperium, would have to be enlightened.[2]

This led to a civil war within the Chapter, and their Homeworld, Khassedur, became a warzone between Corian's loyalists and those who refused to follow his commands. A Torchbearers strike force, led by the Adeptus Custodes Shield-Captain Tyvar aboard the Lux-Imperatus, later arrived at Khassedur in order to supply the Brazen Drakes with the gift of Primaris Space Marines. When they discovered the Chapter's traitorous actions, Tyvar declared the Brazen Drakes to be Hereticus Diabolus Extremis and ordered that the two Greyshield Companies that had been sent to reinforce the Chapter were detained. The Greyshields were led by Captain Gerion, who attempted to convince Tyvar that some of the Brazen Drakes could still be loyal and could still fighting to save Khassedur from their Traitorous Brothers. Tyvar was not convinced and after one of Gerion's Greyshields continued to argue that it was not fair they were being judged by the Chapter's actions, the Shield-Captain killed him. This led the Greyshields aboard the Lux-Imperatus to open fire in return and the battle soon spread to rest of the fleet, after Gerion told his Companies that they had been betrayed by the Imperium. The Torchbearers' Adeptus Custodes and Silent Sisters, under the command of Knight-Centura Dessima, were able to quickly kill the Greyshields within the Lux-Imperatus, though the battle still raged aboard the rest of the fleet. Tyvar vowed, however, that his strike force would not rest until they killed every single member of the Brazen Drakes.[2]

The Brazen Drakes may have been refounded, as they are listed as having taken part in the recent Charadon Campaign on the Imperial side.[6]


Sometime later, Psychic Awakening, Argento Corian led the Brazen Drakes to Dessah, but he was unaware that the Imperium has now sent Execution Force Retaliation to kill him[3]. He survived the attack, however, and the Brazen Drakes would go on to join the Black Legion and become known as the Shriven. They then allied themselves with Fabius Bile, who has used his foul alchemy to enhance the Warband, creating legions of Terata. As the War of the Spider began, the Shriven defended Bile in the Cadian System from his enemies, while Corian also sought to carve out his own empire from within the ravaged System.[4] In the subsequent war the Shriven battled both the Death Guard and Host of Shield-Captain Tyvar, finding themselves more and more ensnared to Bile's foul control. On Bairsten Prime an Imperial Vindicare Assassin slew Corian, but Bile rebuilt him into a golem-like monstrosity with no free will. This drove Corian's Chaos Chosen into a frenzy, but they in turn were struck down by their former Chapter Master. Now with sole command of the warband, Bile sacrificed the Shriven to allow himself to escape from the incoming Death Guard and Custodes forces. By the end of the battle the golem of Corian was finally destroyed by a Culexus Assassin while all of the remaining Shriven were killed or fled. They have effectively been shattered as a warband.[5c]

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