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Sicarian Infiltrator

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Sicarian Infiltrators

Sicarian Infiltrators are the brutal Skitarii scout troops of the Adeptus Mechanicus, renowned as perhaps the most sinister warriors of the Mechanicum.


Heavily augmented into more machine than man, the Sicarian Infiltrators are a hideous, frightening strike force - the height of Adeptus Mechanicus posthuman engineering. When hunting, they emit[1][2] from their domed helmets[3] white noise and photonic strobing that fills all audiovisual spectra with static, leaving their foe disoriented and helpless. Enemies fall, deafened and blinded by the scree of a brutally disruptive audiovisual assault; battles are often decided before even a single kill is confirmed. Infiltrator squads can bypass enemy defenses with ease, though not because of their stealth but rather the disruptive wavelengths they broadcast when on the move. These scout squads are led by Princeps. Regular Skitarii warriors sent to fight alongside Infiltrators are given null-codes that can transmute their disoriented wavelength frequencies, allowing for efficient combined-arms assaults.[1][2]

As with their Ruststalker brothers, every Sicarian was once a Skitarii who was grievously injured in battle. If these fallen are judged still fit to serve the Omnissiah, they are not incinerated but instead taken back to be augmented into lethal killing machines. This process can take place as long as a Tech-Priest possesses a head, torso, and some limb-stumps.[2]

Heavily modified for their scouting missions, almost their entire human heads have been replaced with a specialized domed helm allowing a 360 degree view of the battlefield. They are equipped with a wide array of weapons, including Stubcarbines, Power Swords, Taser Goads, and Flechette Blasters.[1]


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