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Siefer Zeed

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Siefer Zeed is a member of Deathwatch Kill-team Talon.


A Battle-brother of the Raven Guard, Zeed became famous for his unarmed combat and superior stealth skills, in a Chapter already legendary for both. This peerless skill often created a conflict with his irreverent personality, which often bordered on insubordination. Regardless of the mission, Zeed would throw himself headlong into combat at every opportunity. Because of this irreverence, Zeed remained a Battle-brother for several decades and was passed over several times for promotion to Sergeant. This, in turn, created a dilemma for his commander, Captain Kayvaan Shrike, who had to squelch rumors among the Company that he was deliberately holding Zeed back, for fear of losing his Captaincy one day. Shrike maintained that Zeed's irreverence was rubbing off on his many admirers among the Company, yet he could not demote or re-assign Zeed because of his superior fighting skills. Shrike solved this dilemma by nominating Zeed for service in the Deathwatch, an "honour" that would send Zeed away from the Chapter and allow Shrike to re-establish equilibrium within the Company.[3x]

Referred to as Ghost for both his pale appearance and stealth skills. Zeed coined most of the nicknames used by the squad. He customarily armed himself with paired lightning claws, with which he had the habit of scraping them together when keyed up for combat but denied the opportunity. Ghost was put in a good mood by combat and victory, and like his friend Omni, found it hard to tear himself away from battle. He disliked the secrecy and need-to-know nature of working for the Inquisition, and was always curious about the reasoning behind their missions.[1]

This curiosity eventually led to Zeed edging on insubordination towards Sigma, who threatened on more than one occasion to expel the Raven Guard from the Deathwatch, a considerable dishonour for both individual and parent Chapter. Zeed's increasingly contrary attitude led Karras to suppose that it was possibly the reason Talon squad began to get assigned consistently less worthwhile missions than their brother squad, Scimitar, and it did nothing to improve Solarion's already low opinion of him. He remained a valued member of the team however, due to his peerless close-quarter combat fighting skills.[2]