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Siege of Terror

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The Siege of Terror was a war between the Harlequins of the Masque of the Silent Shroud and the Iron Warriors Warband of the Sorcerer Gharros.[1]


The war began when the Iron Warriors Sorcerer Gharros, led his Warband in constructing the fortress Indomitasmium on the Death World Toros, sometime after the Great Rifts creation. However Toros was in the flight path of the Craftworld Iyanden and the fortress was soon attacked by the Masque of the Silent Shroud, who killed any of the Warband that left the Indomitasmium. After realizing they were besieged, Gharros arrogantly gave the order to dig in, as he believed the Harlequins were unable to infiltrate his fortress. The Sorcerer is proven wrong though, as sections of the Indomitasmium begin to fall eerily silent and those caught within them for too long, found their senses fading until they were rendered deaf, blind and dumb. Weeks passed and still the Harlequins struck down every Iron Warrior that dared to emerge from the Indomitasmium, while they accepted painful losses in order to maintain their strange siege.[1]

Eventually with his Cultists driven mad and the Iron Warriors of his Warband dwindling, Gharros gave the order to stage a breakout in order to escape. As the Warband left the fortress, they launched a ferocious attack that sent the Silent Shroud reeling, and Gharros then began a summoning ritual to destroy the Harlequins. However just as the ritual was about to be completed, the Masque's Shadowseers stole the Sorcerer's words from his lips. Now with the loss of their Daemonic allies and with a sense-stealing miasma spreading through their ranks, the Warband dug in for a last stand just a mile short of their extraction craft. Strangely however, the Masque of the Silent Shroud did not attack and instead vanished from the Death World. This caused Gharros to begin to feel a spark of hope for his survival, but it was quickly extinguished, when the Craftworld Iyanden's forces invaded Toros. Caught out in the open, without the defenses of his fortress, and with only with a remnant of his forces still to command, Iyanden is able to easily kill Gharros and his Warband.[1]