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Siege of the Eternity Gate

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The Siege of the Eternity Gate occurred when the Cult of the Hedonic Lord gained control of most of the Eternity Gate space port, sometime between M33 and M39.

The Adeptus Arbites launched numerous attempts to break down the barricades the Cult had constructed within the Eternity Gate, but the heretics beat back each attempt with waves of armed Cultists. Though the Adeptus Custodes are aware of the Cult of the Hedonic Lord's attack, they are not deemed a threat until word reached the Custodes that the Cult planned to attack the Imperial Palace. The Cultists were in the process of re-purposing hundreds of captured heavy landers and atmospheric barges to crash into the Imperial Palace when a Custodes Shield Company tore down their barricades. In the brief battle that followed, all of the members of the Cult of the Hedonic Lord were trapped in macro-hangar level one-four-two and were completely destroyed by the Custodes, so their threat to the Emperor was ended forever.[1]