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Siege of The Rock

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The Siege of The Rock occurred shortly after the creation of the Great Rift.[1a]


Even as the Noctis Aeterna passed, The Rock 's shielding was penetrated by a Daemon army led by the Fallen Daemon Prince Marbas and his hordes swarmed the Dark Angels' Fortress Monastery. Soon fighting between the Chapter and Daemons took place along The Rock 's docks, grand halls, and even in the labyrinthine sub-levels and dungeons that burrow deep into the fragment of Caliban it resides on.[1a]

During the battle, Marbas nearly crushed the Grand Master Sammael to death, but the Deathwing Grand Master Belial intervened in time and used the Sword of Silence to cut off one of the Daemon Prince's massive hands. Before Belial could however destroy Marbas, the Daemon Prince escaped back into the Warp[1b] and his Daemonic army quickly followed him. The Daemons' sudden disappearance confused the Chapter, as the invaders had achieved little beyond mindless slaughter and destruction; though there was one among them who knew differently. As the Dark Angels began to recover from the invasion, Supreme Grand Master Azrael travelled deep within The Rock, to reach a hidden dungeon cell that held the Fallen Angel Luther. He discovered though, that Luther had escaped and Azrael suspected Marbas' invasion was merely a diversion, so that the agents of Chaos could free their Primarch's betrayer.[1a]

The Wardens in White were also slain while defending the Chamber of Passageways, but none of the invaders were able to make it past them.[2a] A large number of Chaos Artefacts were also discovered to have been stolen from The Rock 's vaults. This included Malaghurst's Bane, the Goblet of Arkitonh, the Illustraean Veil and the Dirge of Lusiann. The Dark Angels soon sent out a strike force that was tasked with either recovering or, if need be, destroying these artefacts. Among the Chapter's forces that took part in this task were the Interrogator-Chaplain Palaliah and Codicier Yehoel.[2b]