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Silent Fury (Sisters of Silence)

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Silent Furies are Jetbike-mounted warriors of the Sisters of Silence.[1]

Operating alongside the Silent Judges of the Chamber of Judgement, the Silent Furies aid in the aid of the capture of rogue Psykers that try to escape the Great Tithe. They take to the field in sophisticated Erinyes Jetbikes that enable them to cover ground quickly, and often accompany Subjugators in their hunting missions. On the rare occasion where they are deployed to battlefield, the Silent Furies lead scouting operations.[Needs Citation]


Sisters of Silence Forces
Headquarters Knight AbyssalKnight CenturaSilent JudgeKnight Vestal
Elites Oblivion KnightRaptoraEradicatorSilent Fury
Troops VigilatorPursuerProsecutorWitchseekerQuestoraFirebrandSubjugatorSanctionerExpurgatorPursuer Beast
Vehicles RhinoKharonGrav-RhinoJetbike
Aircraft ThunderhawkTalion