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Silica Animus

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A Silica Animus is a piece of technology forbidden within the Imperium that involves the creation of an artificial mind, beyond that of a simple Cogitator.

According to the traditions of the Adeptus Mechanicus, such creations are unholy constructs that are inherently evil and perverted abominations in the eyes of the Omnissiah. Furthermore, the Cult Mechanicus states that such constructs possess a Machine Spirit that is a twisted mockery of a Man's soul as well as being both treacherous and insane. There exist apocryphal stories within the ancient texts that are shrouded in metaphor which speak of the murderous and powerful Silica Animus creations that existed during the Dark Age of Technology. At that black moment in Mankind's history known as the Age of Strife, there existed legions of "iron children" which served the artificial minds of the Silica Animus, who are blamed in part for the many horrific wars that existed in that lost time.[2] It is said that towards the end of the M23, Mankind was almost destroyed by its own technological innovations.[3] In the aftermath of the Age of Strife the Mechanicus passed the Crimson Accords of Mars which forbade the development of advanced A.I. and put a death sentence on any remaining Silica Animus constructs as well as any who developed them.[2]

The secrets for the creation of such artificial intelligences is one of the many pieces of technology that is being sought by the Logicians cult.[1]

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