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Silver Tower of Tzeentch

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Silver Towers of Tzeentch over Fenris

Silver Tower of Tzeentch is a Daemon Engine of Tzeentch, the Dark God of Sorcery. A Silver Tower forms an outlandish sight - a collection of stunningly beautiful, intricately carved towers resting upon a circular disc; it floats above the battlefield supported by nothing but sorcery. The Tower is of full of dozens of Tzeentchian Thrall-Wizards whose sorcery drives the powerful weapons the tower is armed with.[1] The Master of each Silver Tower is an Exalted Sorcerer of Tzeentch - a magician of great knowledge and power.[4]

The Silver Towers of the Thousand Sons are the largest remnants of long-dead Prospero, supposedly being the spires and towers of its pyramid-citadels. Now they act as multidimensional battle fortresses. The Silver Towers are said to contain fragments of the Crystal Labyrinth itself.[5] During the Siege of the Fenris System in late M41 the Thousand Sons used Silver Towers to great effect. Nine of them appeared above the surface of Fenris, acting as carriers which dropped onto the surface of Fenris Rubicae, Tzaangors, and Daemons.[3]


The Silver Tower's weapons are fueled by the powers of the Thrall Wizards aboard and take the form of sorcerous blasts of Warp power.[1]

  • Beam of Power - a single, highly potent, energy blast capable of damaging even the most heavily armoured targets[1]
  • Bolts of Change - multiple blasts of energy, fired in volleys[1]

In addition to its considerable offensive capability, a Silver Tower is protected by powerful wards which form a wall of energy shielding not only the Tower itself, but also other nearby allied vehicles and infantry.[1]


Silver Tower (Epic Scale)


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