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Sisters of Silence Vigils

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Sisters of Silence Vigils are self-contained groups of the Silent Sisterhood that have been created after Lord Commander Guilliman reestablished their order, in the wake of the Great Rift's creation.[1a]

History and Organization

While the first was the Vigil Indomitus, which was created from the Sisters who answered Guilliman's call to return to Terra, most were created from lost conclaves of the Silent Sisterhood that were later rediscovered by the Imperium. They are charged with undertaking the Sisterhood's nominal duties within a particular area, and their size can very widely. Some Vigils contain a small number of Sisters, with jurisdiction over a handful of Systems, while others have grown so large they contain thousands of members and their spheres of responsibility extend to entire Sectors. These established Vigils have also gone on to create new Vigils, that have extended the Sisters of Silence's reach.[1a]

Within a Vigil's organization, their warriors' numbers are broken down further into Cadres of company-level bodies, though it is rare for them to ever fight as one. Once created, these Cadres will uphold a particular facet of their Vigil's duties across a particular stretch of the Imperium. Several cadres may be even dedicated to the same duty, which can include investigating non-compliance with the Great Tithe, hunting down Human psykers or guarding the League of Black Ships. Every Vigil is granted high levels of autonomy by the Imperium and are based within their Spire-Convent, which is usually a fortified keep at the heart of their territory. Those Vigils that served with the Indomitus Crusade's fleets meanwhile, would nominate a capital ship to serve as their Convent. Due to their duties however, most Sisters spend little time within their Spire-Convents.[1a]

Known Vigils