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Skalka was a Magister of the Adeptus Arbites on the planet of Taros.[1]

During the First Taros Intervention, when the Avenging Sons attacked the Governor’s Palace and their subsequent battle with Tau, Skalka’s troops attempted to arrest the rich owners of the mines, who were charged with indulging the rebel Governor and working with Tau xenos. However, the arrest attempt was faced with opposition from the miners, who openly resisted the Adeptus Arbites. As a result of the rebellion that had begun, the Arbites were forced to retreat, without detaining any of the owners of the mines. At the end of the First Taros Intervention, when the contingent of the Avenging Sons retreated from the planets of Taros, the Arbites were trapped, surrounded by angry rebel miners. All of the Arbites, including Skalka, were killed during the next three days.[1]