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Skander Bloody-axe

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Skander Bloody-axe was a Space Marine of the Space Wolves Chapter. He was inducted at the same time as Logan Grimnar, and the two went through basic training together. Before his death, he was one of the few remaining members of Grimnar's original Blood Claw pack (over six hundred years earlier, before Grimnar became Great Wolf)[1a].

Assigned to the Wolfblade on Terra, he was killed by an Imperial assassin while trying to protect Navigator Adrian Belisarius, who was also killed. Grimnar took his death especially hard, given their long history[1a].

His place in the Wolfblade was taken by Ragnar Blackmane, who eventually uncovered and killed the assassin. As a reward for saving many of House Belisarius's members from death, Ragnar was gifted with an ancient Frost Blade that originally belonged to Skander[1b].