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Skarjaw was an Ork Warboss who led his forces in invading the Knight World Adrastapol and clashed with its five Knight Houses, in what became known as the Ork Wars.[1]

The invasion lasted several years, and caused the death of millions, but it finally ended when Skarjaw broke through the defensive line of House Pegasson and led a charge from aboard his Squiggoth, towards the ruling House Draconis' Fortress, Draconspire. However, House Draconis' Gatekeeper, Tolwyn Tan Draconis, had received word of Skarjaw's imminent attack and led the twelve Knights of Adrastapol's combined Houses defending the Draconspire, in a preemptive strike. Tolwyn's group clashed with the Warboss as his forces reached the passage to the Draconspire, and in the battle that followed, Skarjaw was killed by the Draconis Knight, Markos Dar Draconis. With the Warboss' death, his forces were soon defeated by Adrastapol's vengeful Knight Houses.[1]

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