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Skitarii Praetorian

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Skitarii Praetorian are a type of Skitarii warrior. Not to be confused with Praetorian Servitors, Skitarii Praetorians serve as the elite guard of the Mechanicum and its domains.[1]

Skitarii Praetorians are heavily bionically augmented, approaching the size of a Space Marine and heavily armored. They are stimulated in the heat of battle by a variety of combat drugs which are so strong that within 15 minutes of use they begin to break down their muscle and tissue. Until that point however, they are immune to all but the most serious injuries.[1a] For armament, they are normally equipped with a Power Claw and Rotary Cannon-style weapon.[1b] When compared to Space Marines, Praetorians can only blindly follow simple orders and are unable to take initiative for themselves.[11]


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