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Skitarii Veteran Cohort

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The Skitarii Veteran Cohorts are independent units of highly trained and cunningly augmented Skitarii, that many Forge Worlds maintain.[1]


Cohorts are deployed in swift, self-contained responses to deadly threats and have the strategic autonomy to employ brutal shock tactics. However they are different from other Skitarii forces, that Forge Worlds have at their disposal. Rather than relying upon the Noospheric tethers of distant command ships and remote Magi, Cohorts take their orders directly from their Skitarii Marshal leaders. These Marshals then act as conduits for the divine will of the Omnissiah for the Cohorts, upon the field of war.[1]

Cohorts that have fought together long enough to reach veteran status, now resemble a single mechanism of flesh and steel. Few foes can stand for along against these blessed soldiers of the Omnissiah, as their fire is aimed with pinpoint precision. The Cohorts' advances are also expertly covered and are calculated to break open enemy lines, in optimal fashion.[1]