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Skull Takers of Hans Kho'ren

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the the World Eaters warband. For other uses of Skulltaker, see Skulltaker (disambiguation).
Skull Takers of Hans Kho'ren
Unknown.jpg Unknown.jpg
Origin: World Eaters' 19th Company[3]
Leader: Hans Kho'ren[1]
Base of operations:
Chaos Dedication: Khorne[1]

The Skull Takers of Hans Kho'ren are a World Eaters warband, that is led by the Chaos Lord Hans Kho'ren.[1]


The warband originated as the World Eaters Legion's 19th Company. At one point, the company fell under the leadership of Kho'ren, and became known as the "Skull Takers". The company fought in the Battle of Skalathrax.[3]

Thousands of years after Skalathrax, the Skull Takers took part in the first First War for Armageddon, alongside Angron's Chosen, Lord Skchalick's Elite and The Foresworn.[1] They were also responsible for the destruction of the Flickering Blades warband, after the Slaanesh worshipers claimed that none could best them at swordplay. Kho'ren begged to differ and led the Skull Takers in invading the Blades' slave pleasure den within the Eye of Terror. Once the battle was over, the Flickering Blades were all slain and the Chaos Lord dedicated his victory to Khorne.[2]

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