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Ork Battlefortress[1]

Larger then a Battlewagon, Battlefortresses are used by richer and more powerful Ork Warbosses as super-heavy assault vehicles and mobile command centers.[1]


These enormous heavily-armed vehicles bristle with heavy cannons, energy weapons, and explosive launchers. As a rule any Ork vehicle of sufficient size will be called a Battlefortress by the Orks themselves and like most Ork vehicles there is very little standardization and they are highly customized, though several variants exist such as the "Dethrolla" and "Skullhamma". Nonetheless, these vehicles are a match for any enemy counterpart on the battlefield short of a Titan. Ork Mek Boyz consider the construction of a Battlefortress to be one of their greatest achievements.[1]


Vehicle Name: Battle Fortress
Weight: 200 tonnes, varies by design
Hull Length: 15.3m
Height: 7.2m
Ground Clearance: 0.45m
Armour: 20mm-110mm
Maximum Speed: 55 kph on road; 40 kph off road
Crew: Varies
Armament: Varies Widely
Main Ammunition: Estimated 30 Rounds


Skullhamma Battlefortress

The Skullhamma is a popular Mekboy variant of the Battlefortress, made from the remains of a looted Baneblade. Typically twice as big as a Battlewagon, it is often used by Speed Freaks. It has a supercharged triple-over-pressure turbo engine that takes up a good deal of its hull, but allows it to move at a speed deceptive for a vehicle its size. Its primary weapon is the massive Skullhamma Kannon.[2]

Deathrolla Battlefortress

The Deathrolla is a variant of the Battlefortress. Armed with a massive Deathrolla, it is intended to plow through enemy infantry and crush them into paste.[3]

Rokkitspitta Battlefortress

The Rokkitspitta is a variant of the Battlefortress. It is little more then a tractor platform armed with an obscenely huge array of Rokkit warheads crammed dangerously together like a fireworks display.[3]

Flakk Battlefortress

The Flakk Battlefortress is an Ork Battlefortress geared towards air defense and shooting down incoming enemy aircraft. As such is armed with an array of anti-aircraft weaponry, such as a Flakka-Kannon, Big Shootas, and quad Flakka-Dakka Gunz.[4]



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