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Skulltakers (Renegade Chapter)

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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the the World Eaters warband. For other uses of Skulltaker, see Skulltaker (disambiguation).

The Skulltakers (or Skull Takers[4]) are a warband of the World Eaters, led by Zhufor the Impaler.[1b][2c] The warband originated as the Berserkers of Kharadon, a loyalist Space Marine chapter,[2d] but after falling to chaos began to bear the livery of the World Eaters traitor legion[1a] and absorbed both World Eaters as well as other renegades into its ranks.[2b][2c]

Marine Basic Data Warband Symbol
Skulltakers Berzerker.jpg
- Skulltakers -
Origin: Berserkers of Kharadon[2d][3]
Leader: Zhufor the Impaler[1b]
Chaos dedication: Khorne[1b][2c]
Colours: Blood red with brass or steel[2a][3]
Strength: not stated
Base of operations: Blood Dawn[2b]
Skulltakers pad.jpg


The Skulltakers' origin as the loyalist Space Marine Chapter the Berserkers of Kharadon was short-lived. During the period of 153.M34 to 184.M39 the Imperium lost any contact and it was somewhere during these five millennia that the Marines turned to Chaos, and rechristened themselves the Skulltakers.[3]

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