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Sky Raiders

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Corsair of the Sky Raiders1

The Sky Raiders are a warband of Eldar Corsairs.[1]


They fought in support of Craftworlds Mymeara and Alaitoc in the invasion of Betalis III and the battle of the Karina Nebula fought immediately afterwards. They Sky Raiders are notorious for the viciousness of their attacks, raids of such brutality that they are often mistaken for incursions by Dark Eldar.[1]

During the Battle of the Karina Nebula, the Sky Raiders suffered extremely heavy casualties at the hands of Space Wolves. Most of their ships were boarded and their crews wiped out in the ensuing battle, and those ships which escaped the Imperial onslaught were heavily damaged.[1] The battle has given them a special hatred for the sons of Fenris, none more so than their leader, Prince Laerthrys, whose entire family was butchered by the forces of Bran Redmaw.[3]

More recently, the warband sent forces to War Zone Laevenir to aid their Craftworld and Harlequin kin against the Tyranids.[2]

Known Warbands

  • Elagarcs - Known to be close-knit kin.[3]

Notable Members