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Skyfire is a Vior'la Tau Commander who commanded the Tau Empire's forces on the Sept P'thun, which had once belonged to the Imperium. However unknown to the Tau, the Ork Freebooter Kaptain Badrukk had left a buried treasure beneath P'thun's surface, when it had been controlled by the Imperium, and invaded the world once more to regain his hidden loot. In the fierce battle that followed though, Badrukk was shot down by Skyfire before the Freebooter Kaptain could escape with his treasure and his forces were later defeated. Afterwards Skyfire located Badrukk's treasure, but was shocked to discover that it was just a pile of old Ork Teef. Dismayed that so many of the Fire Warriors under his command had lost their lives for such worthless thrash, Skyfire ordered the Teef to be burned; before contacting his superiors to tell them of the devastating and costly battle.[1]