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Skyshield Landing Pad

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Skyshield Landing Pad (shielded mode)[2]

Skyshield Landing Pads are a type of Imperial fortification. They are used to protect aircraft as they unload supplies or evacuate troops to or from the front lines. The Skyshield Landing Pad used by the Imperial Navy was originally purpose-built to accommodate Valkyrie and Vendetta gunships. However, it has proven robust enough to serve the larger Stormravens and Thunderhawks used by the Adeptus Astartes. With its armoured sides unfurled, Skyshields activate a series of locator beacons that guide incoming aircraft as they make their final approach. Once the craft touches down, the Skyshield’s armour plating transforms into a protective configuration and force field generators shimmer to life, protecting the vulnerable gunship from incoming fire as it refuels, rearms or deploys its passengers.[1]