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Slaanesh (eldar - Sai'lanthresh)[19] is the Chaos God of lust, greed, excess, pain, pleasure, perfection, and hedonism. Slaanesh was the last of the major Chaos Gods to be born—coming into existence with the collapse of the Eldar civilisation.

Slaanesh mark.png
Titles Dark Prince of Chaos
Prince of Excess
Prince of Pleasure
Status Active
Type Chaos God
Domains Lust, Desire, Sexuality, Greed, Gluttony, Temptation, Hedonism, Indulgence, Excess, Pleasure, Pain, Joy, Sadness, Perfection
Daemons Keeper of Secrets
Steed of Slaanesh
Hate Angel
Followers Emperor's Children
Adjectives Slaaneshi
Sacred Number 6
Symbols Male and Female symbol combined
Enemies Khorne



The name Slaanesh derives from Slaaneth — the god's name in the language of Chaos, (Slaa meaning "ecstasy", "pleasure", etc, Neth meaning "lord of", "master of", or "prince of"; hence, the Prince of Pleasure). The correct adjective of things associated with Slaanesh (such as its worshipers) is "Slaaneshi".[Needs Citation]

Slaanesh typically appears in a form which is female on the right side and male on the left, with two sets of horns rising from its flowing golden hair. It can, however, assume any form—male, female, hermaphrodite or asexual—but prefers male bodies. Its sacred number is six. The symbol of Slaanesh combines the conventional symbols for male and female. It is also known by a multitude of titles, such as Prince of Chaos, Prince of Excess, Prince of Pleasure and Lord of Dark Delights.[Needs Citation] To the Eldar, who name it Sai'lanthresh (literally - She Who Thirsts)[19], and also by the titles of She Who Is Not Named, The Great Enemy, The Great Serpent, etc. [Needs Citation]

Slaanesh was fully born at the moment of the Fall of the Eldar. The birth of Slaanesh created the Eye of Terror and slew most of the Eldar except those far enough away from the Eldar homeworlds to escape. This event also slew all the Eldar gods except for Khaine (who was shattered into many pieces), the Laughing God — Cegorach, and Isha — who was, according to one Craftworld, taken captive by the Chaos God Nurgle.[4] That is how events are viewed from the chronology of the material universe. In the warp, things are different, for the immaterium is not bound by linear time, and events do not occur in a strict sequence of cause then effect. As his rival gods reckon it, Slaanesh has always existed and yet has never existed. [20]

Slaanesh has a neutral attitude to some of the other Gods of Chaos (as he is generally too caught up in his own pleasures to be interested in rivalries or alliances), but his particular enemy is Khorne, whose belief in pain and death is completely opposed to Slaanesh's principle of a life of unrestricted pleasure.[Needs Citation]

Worship of Slaanesh

Slaanesh's symbol is rarely worn openly by its followers. They instead often wear items of jewelry bearing erotic motifs. Followers dress in robes which are often opened to leave the right side of the chest uncovered, a requirement of many of the rituals involved in his worship. Pastel and electric shades are the chief colours, although white may be used as well. These colours are also sometimes carried over into everyday wear, although they may be modified to fit in with current fashions. In all cases, all Slaanesh followers wear garb of sensuously high quality.[1b]

Even the most militant of Slaanesh's followers do not deny themselves this hedonistic lifestyle; cultist hideouts may be fortified and stocked with weapons, but they are equally stocked with luxurious furniture, sumptuous food, and erotic decorations.[10a]

In the mythology of the primitive inhabitants of Fenris, "Sla Nahesh" (presumably a misinterpretation of Slaanesh) is an evil deity, described as the offspring of the dark god Horus and the dragon goddess Skrinneir, and is imprisoned within one of the planet's volcanic islands after being defeated by Leman Russ.[6]

The Palace of Slaanesh

The Palace of Slaanesh[17]

The Palace of Slaanesh is Slaanesh's realm within the Warp. Those that dare his realm risk becoming trapped in its warped delights for eternity.[4]

Daemons of Slaanesh

The Legions of Excess

The armies of Slaanesh are known as the Legions of Excess. Each Legion is commanded by a Keeper of Secrets, though there are cases where a favored Daemon Prince is known to have lordship instead. Below these commanders are Daemon Princes or Heralds of Slaanesh, each in command of one of six formations. While some of the Dark Prince's generals are obsessive in commanding a single type of legion, the majority will change formations as mood or need suits them.[13]

There are several types of Legions of execess. Flayer Legions are geared towards wanton destruction and their many Daemonettes take great pleasure in the act. The Hunter Legions are masters of quick kills and are built primarily around fast moving cavalry and chariots. The flamboyant Glamiatrix Legions are the most sorcerous, relying heavily upon psychic powers and mesmerism. The Terror Legions are a shock force specializing in elaborate and gory displays of combat, infamous for unleashing a barrage upon the senses that can overwhelm weak-willed enemies. The Legions of Eternal Punishment have no specialty, but rather call upon the damnations of Slaanesh, intermixing magics and temptation alongside battlecraft. The strangest of Slaanesh's legions are known as the Courante Legions. To them, battle is but a dance and their Daemons whirl about one another as they slay their foes in bizarrely choreographed maneuvers. While they lack the speed of other Legions, their elegance and creativity captures the favor of their master more than practical assaults could ever hope.[13]

Daemons of Excess

Daemons of Slaanesh are elegant and eerily beautiful, agile and graceful while also cruel and violent to the extreme. Slaanesh's servants are both horrific and alluring, mesmerizing and loathsome. Although they can not match the raw power of Khorne's armies, the resiliency of Nurgle's tallybands, or the eldritch might of Tzeentch's hosts, Daemons of Slaanesh are possessed of a speed and lethality that is unequaled.[13]

Daemon Engines of Slaanesh

A Daemon Engine is a part-technological, part-daemonic vehicle, those dedicated to Slaanesh include the Slaanesh Subjugator[5] and Sonic Dreadnought

Titans of Slaanesh

Forces dedicated to Slaanesh

Chaos Space Marines

A Chaos Space Marine of Slaanesh[9]

Over the thousands of years since the Horus Heresy, a few other Space Marine chapters have inevitably fallen to the seductions of Slaanesh and become renegades. Among these are[Needs Citation]:

Renegades and Cults

Representation of Slaanesh[16]

Daemonic Warbands

Traitor Titan Legions

Notable Servants of Slaanesh

Gifts of Slaanesh

Main article: Gifts of Slaanesh
Main article: Mark of Slaanesh

As with all the Chaos Gods, Slaanesh will often reward his most favoured followers with special gifts and blessings. Slaanesh's gifts can take many forms, including physical mutations, daemon weapons or an exotic appearance.


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