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Slaughter Cruiser

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Slaughter Cruiser[1]

The Slaughter-Class Cruiser is a Chaos starship.


The Slaughter class is a a fast, short-range gunship used by the Forces of Chaos, armed to the teeth with massive weapons batteries and a modest array of broadside lances. With its advanced Scartix-engine coil, giving it the speed of an escort, it can pounce on stragglers and escort squadrons then use its firepower to destroy its victim before the enemy forces can stop it.[1]

Unfortunately, when the Dutiful — later renamed the Soulless — turned renegade and bombarded the Forge World of Selethan, the design for the Scartix engine coil was lost. Some believe that this was in fact the purpose of the attack. If so, the Soulless succeeded, as no more Slaughter-class ships could be built.[1]

Notable Slaughter-class Cruisers

Notable Slaughter-class Cruisers include[1]:


Slaughter Cruiser


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