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Slayer's Wrath

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The Slayer's Wrath is a relic boltgun that was gifted by the Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Hyboran to the Flesh Tearers Chapter after they aided her in crushing the Xorln Infestation.[1]


Crafted by some unknown master artisan of the Imperium, the boltgun has minute inner workings that create frozen rounds impregnated with a mix of rare and deadly poisons. Though the Slayer's Wrath is a powerful weapon, it also represents a time when the Flesh Tearers earned great honour and gratitude from their allies, before the Chapter declined to its current state[1]. It is among the Chapter's relics that are famous throughout the Sanguinary Brotherhood and currently resides in Stasis within the Battle Barge Victus' Reclusiam[2]